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With years of experience in the field, we are a full service provider offering flexible work plans to a diverse array of clients. As a full, top-to-bottom animation team, we can do all the heavy lifting you need, and as a support team, we can assist you in finishing your project and getting it to the level of quality you envisioned. Bringing characters to life is what we know and love, and our continuous in-house training assures that our animators are up to any task put in front of them. 

Our personal backgrounds include films and video games. having worked on such titles as: Storks, Angry Birds, Master of Orion, Foosball, Condorito, and our own in-house IP, Element Space.

Javier Entelman


Emiliano Giacobbe


Federico Pizzi

Head of Production

Mauro Serei

Animation Supervisor

A few things we’re great at

No two projects are the same. This is why we always assemble a team and production pipeline to fit your project’s specific needs and to assure that we deliver high quality animation even under the strictest deadlines.

Our experienced animation team includes Animators, Riggers, Animation Supervisors, Technical Directors, Producers, and Animation Directors. We have experience working in full keyframed animation as well as mocap, and have produced work in a vast range of styles, ranging from realistic to cartoon.

As a support team, we can assist ongoing projects that need additional help with animation. This service is aimed at projects that need a hand in order to reach deadlines and standards of quality


As a full production team, we tackle the top-to-bottom production for small and medium projects. We assemble a crew of talented professionals that fits your project’s exact needs, and under the guidance of our production team ensure that milestones and deadlines are met without exception

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Join our talented team of Animators, Technical Directors, Producers, and Riggers

Feel free to submit an application to Sixth Vowel Animation Outsourcing even if you don’t see a posting for a position that fits your profile. We are always interested in hearing from talented professionals.

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Feel free to reach out and enquire about our pricing and availability. We are always happy to go over your project’s requirements and to provide accurate production costs and potential work schedules for your consideration.